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E-Commerce Quality Mark

Euro-Label: Österreichisches E-Commerce-Gütezeichen

To give you peace of mind and reassure you that Casinos Austria will provide the best care and service online, our website has been tested by the Austrian E-Commerce Quality Mark Association, which is supported by the Austrian Institute for Applied Telecommunications (ÖIAT) and the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

The awarding of the Austrian e-commerce quality mark is subject to stringent criteria for the examination of the following issues: 

  • Conformity with Austrian e-commerce legislation (realisation of the EU Directive on e-commerce) 
  • Conformity with Austrian consumer protection regulations 
  • Conformity with the OECD Guidelines for Consumer
  • Protection in the Context of Electronic Commerce
  • Customer-friendly business transactions
  • Security for online payment transactions
Casinos Austria is the first European casino business to be awarded the e-commerce quality mark – so you can really enjoy peace of mind.