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Mega Million Jackpot

Mega Million Jackpot
5x 1.021.352,04

Aktueller Jackpotstand

Latest Jackpot Hit

€ 1.171.242,71

Casino Velden

Won jackpots
Casino Velden07.08.2014€ 1.171.242,71
Casino Bregenz18.11.2013€ 1.047.171,95
Casino Wien07.09.2013€ 1.006.800,53
Casino Wien27.08.2013€ 1.037.831,91
Casino Linz01.07.2013€ 1.105.434,00
Casino Wien18.02.2013€ 1.124.079,10
Casino Salzburg11.10.2012€ 1.099.147,42
Casino Baden04.07.2012€ 1.013.633,31
Casino Velden16.06.2012€ 1.019.141,62
Casino Wien26.05.2012€ 1.050.789,38

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Mega Million Jackpot

Become a millionaire on the slot machines!

This slot machine game offers Austria’s highest paying slot machine jackpot. Win the Mega Million Jackpot of € 1,000,000 and more! Now at your casino.


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Become a Millionaire Effortlessly

Interactive game explanation of the Mega Million Jackpot

Familiarize yourself with the Mega Million Jackpot in the Casino Lounge.

After just a few steps you, too, can reach for the million. Practice in a demo game or come to one of the 12 casinos.

(Available in German only)