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Responsible Gaming

A visit to the casino should be an enjoyable gaming experience in a pleasant setting and an exciting recreational activity. Nearly everyone plays responsibly and within their financial means. Casinos Austria is aware that for some people gaming can be problematic and associated with negative experiences. We want to inform our guests about the problem and, in doing so, to prevent pathological gaming.

As a serious and responsible gaming provider, it is obvious for Casinos Austria to be the first point of contact for guests with problems. Our employees' responsibilities include meeting with as well as an understanding and competent approach to guests whose gaming behaviour is cause for concern.

Our guests have the option to restrict their visits or to pause from gaming for at least 6 months. The relevant forms can be obtained directly at the casino and staff members from the Corporate Function Responsible Gaming division will be pleased to provide further information.

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Information and Contact

Information on gaming risks and preventing compulsive gaming can be obtained here:

Casinos Austria AG
Corporate Function Responsible Gaming
Rennweg 44, 1030 Vienna

Telephone: +43 / 1 / 534 40 – 222 09

Office hours: Mon-Fri 10:00-15:00

Telephone appointment kindly requested!

Further information on "responsible gaming" can be found here: