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General Terms and Conditions of the Lucky Card Programme


  1. The following terms and conditions govern participation in the Lucky Card programme of Casinos Austria AG and the cooperating partners of Casinos Austria AG.
  2. All persons who have reached the age of majority are eligible to participate in accordance with the visiting and gaming regulations. The regulations of Casinos Austria AG are visible in every casino.
  3. Participation commences the day Casinos Austria AG delivers the personal Lucky Card and automatically ends on 31.12.2009.
  4. Lucky Card holders can exit at any time prior to 31.12.2009 by personally returning the Lucky Card or upon written notice to Casinos Austria AG. The personal Lucky Card is to be enclosed with the written notice.
  5. The participant agrees that his personal registration information and information to participate in the Lucky Card programme is processed via computer and used for customer service and marketing purposes of Casinos Austria AG and its cooperating partners.
  6. Participants expressly agree to the delivery of e-mail, mail and bulk mail from Casinos Austria AG to the participant’s e-mail or postal address and telephone number stated on the application form in accordance with § 107 of the Austrian Telecommunication Act. The participant can withdraw this declaration of approval at any time by written notice. Such a withdrawal makes further processing of the participant’s information illegal. In the event of withdrawal, participation in the Lucky Card programme ends immediately. The participant can no longer be granted any benefits as of this time.
  7. The Lucky Card programme guarantees visitors to Casinos Austria AG who have submitted a valid application exclusive benefits and does not constitute an obligation to membership. Participants in the Lucky Card programme receive each of the benefits announced at Availment of the welcome chip offer is required to receive the discounts at casino reception. The Lucky Card holder is not entitled to any compensation with regard to Casinos Austria AG for the non-provision of a benefit by a Casinos Austria AG partner.
  8. In the event of abuse or misuse of the Lucky Card, Casinos Austria AG has the right to revoke the Lucky Card from the Lucky Card holder immediately and without any compensation. The Lucky Card holder is obligated to hand over the Lucky Card to Casinos Austria AG immediately. In the event of abuse, the Lucky Card holder is liable to Casinos Austria AG or one of its cooperating partners for all damages resulting from the abuse.
  9. The Lucky Card holder is obligated to present official photo identification upon request when entering the Lucky Card programme, otherwise participation in the gaming programme is forbidden.
  10. The participant in the Lucky Card programme is obligated to report any changes in his or her personal information immediately to Casinos Austria AG.
  11. The participant agrees to all of the above-stated terms and conditions for participation in the Lucky Card programme.