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The success of Casinos Austria depends on the quality of its staff. The extensive initial and advanced training programmes ensure that they are outstandingly qualified and motivated. Nothing is left to chance – on recruitment, induction or advanced training.

Apart from the classic games, a variety of activities, events and promotions are also offered on 364 days a year. Some locations have a Jackpot Corner, which is open in the morning. The gaming rooms with roulette, blackjack and the rest are open from the afternoon until the early hours of the morning.

These opening hours demand flexibility, mobility and high commitment day and night on the part of our staff. Their top priority is to assist and serve their guests, practically round the clock. This guarantee on the part of the company’s staff is one of the secrets to its success.

Have a look at the various different career perspectives at Casinos Austria:

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For jobs in our Casinos, please contact:

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