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Casinos Austria - Good for Austria

As a successful and responsible company, Casinos Austria considers it its obligation to be there for Austria and Austrian society. Part of its social responsibility is the support and promotion of a variety of projects and institutions. As a result, the idea of sponsoring is firmly anchored in our company culture. Whether in the areas of art & culture, humanitarian & social affairs or sports & tourism - Casinos Austria understands "good for Austria" as a motto that includes all of its sponsoring partnerships. These partnerships are meant to have a reciprocal benefit in the interest of the general public.

Bregenzer Festspiele 2013 - Stoss - Metzler

Art & Culture

Casinos Austria is dedicated first and foremost to the goal of preserving the artistic and cultural heritage of the country and the Austrian tradition on the one hand, and on the other hand to providing young artists and modern art with a platform for development. Thus Casinos Austria is interested primarily in the diversity of art and not in its marketing effect.

Major festivals as well as small initiatives, established art and the avant-garde are given support. The company has been sponsoring cultural highlights such as the "Wiener Festwochen" and the "Bregenzer Festspiele" for many years. The promotion of Austrian talent plays a central role, as the "Literaturpreis Alpha" for Literature, the Casinos Austria Rising Star and the Casinos Austria music line.

Integrationsfußball WM 2014 Salzburg Gruppenfoto

Humanitarian & Social Affairs

In the area of sponsoring, assuming social responsibility does not necessarily mean supporting projects and organisations related to one's own area of business. The aim is to provide the least bureaucratic form of support where help is urgently needed. In the scope of its social sponsoring activities, the Casinos Austria provides support to humanitarian institutions such as Volkshilfe and the neunerhaus homeless shelter in Vienna.

The company has also established the "Casinos Austria Integrationsfußball WM" so that the issue of integration also garners the necessary attention. Football has the capacity to overcome linguistic, religious, cultural and ideological differences more than almost any other sport.

Casino Grand Prix 2014 Zeltweg Dieter Köfler


Success in sports is one of the greatest calling cards of a country. A large number of factors have to gel in order to achieve top athletic performance. The financial aspect in this plays a very crucial role. Casinos Austria places its focus in sports sponsoring primarily on niche sports such as equestrianism.

The Austrian Equestrian Federation together with Casinos Austria established the Casino Grand Prix already in 1987. It was the beginning of a new era for Austrian equestrianism. The Casino Grand Prix is the most highly endowed tournament series for show jumpers in Austria. Its purpose was and is to promote young talent and to guide them into international competition.

5. Tourismus Talk - Podium


The 12 casinos not only offer the highest standard of gaming, but also treat their guests to excellent cuisine in the casinos' own restaurants. The kitchens use mainly products from the region, which means Casinos Austria plays a very important role in regional value creation. Thus every single one of the 12 casinos is also a key tourist enterprise in its region.

Consequently, Casinos Austria also makes an effort to distinguish quality products from the region in the scope of its "Goldene Traube" ("Golden Grape") and "Goldene Kugel" ("Golden Ball") awards. The Tourism Talks inaugurated by Casinos Austria are meant to identify trends and to play a role in the sustainable development of domestic tourism.