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Casinos Austria opened its 11th casino in the centre of the Styrian capital on 20 October 1984, enabling visitors to the congress centre, with facilities for up to 2,000 delegates, to play casino games as well. In 1995 Graz also became the first casino to offer “41”, a regional variation of poker. And on 1 March 1996 the Jackpot Corner opened, offering visitors to the casino the opportunity to play in a more relaxed atmosphere (without the need for a jacket and tie).The idea of a multipurpose casino is also carried through in Graz, with its variety of entertainment and events, theatre performances, concerts, dinners, art previews, literary readings, book presentations and fashion shows being staged all year round. To ensure that the gaming is undisturbed, the Casineum is in a separate area, although it can be reached from the casino, Jackpot Corner and congress centre.                               

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The casino is housed in the historical congress centre, which successfully combines late Classicist elegance with modern design. Attention to detail can also be seen in the interior design: the first-class restaurant and piano bar were designed by artists and offer an additional attraction for playing guests.
The atmosphere is intimate: the interior cannot be seen from the street, but the stained glass windows by architect Hans Staudacher nevertheless make full use of natural lighting.