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Sponsorship Programme

Long standing and diverse partnerships

At Casinos Austria, we also demonstrate our responsibility to society in our sponsoring activities. Sponsoring forms a key part of our corporate culture, with variety and sustainability an absolute priority. In this regard, we see ourselves as a reliable sponsoring partner. At the same time seek to establish new partnerships which offer strong and positive benefits to society.

The focus of Casinos Austria’s sponsoring activities extends from arts, culture and tourism to social projects and sporting activities. From major theaters, museums and opera festivals to integration football world championships or dance workshops. People with and without disabilities come together – our sponsoring activities are both diverse and long-lasting. And in addition to the actual partnerships themselves, they all have something else in common with Casinos Austria – the all-round experience as a central element of entertainment.

For further information, please download our CSR report or contact us:

Gerlinde Wohlauf
Gerlinde Wohlauf
1038 Wien,
Rennweg 44
Head of Sponsorship & Media Cooperations