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Our commitment to Austria

Casinos Austria significantly intensifies its engagement in and for Austria

Since the beginning of September, all twelve Austrian casinos have each supported three humanitarian organisations that are deeply embedded in their respective regions. As a result, 36 new partnerships have been created and now make an additional 108 social activities possible every year while previous sponsoring partnerships remain in place. The Our Commitment to Austria initiative takes Casinos Austria’s socio-political engagement in and for Austria to a new level.

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Our twelve Austrian casinos are leading regionally established tourist enterprises and thus contribute to value creation to an extent that goes far beyond their own turnover. Social responsibility in and for Austria has been Casinos Austria’s inner conviction since its foundation and has been put into practice for just as long. This is why the company has been supporting socio-politically relevant projects, institutions and initiatives for 55 years.

With the Our Commitment to Austria initiative, Casinos Austria is once again significantly strengthening its engagement in and for Austria. With a focus on social projects in the immediate vicinity of the twelve casino locations, a total of 36 new partnerships will be supported this year through 108 activities in addition to the existing commitment: the sponsorship for a specific project and the donations received at Casino on Tour provide financial assistance for each of the 36 projects. Employees of the respective casinos contribute their efforts in a corporate volunteering assignment. Especially in challenging times like these, Casinos Austria makes a valuable contribution to the people and society in the region.

Diverse and indispensable contributions for the people of Austria

Casinos Austria’s commitment is as varied and diverse as the partners supported in the process. These have the following aspects in common: they make a relevant and indispensable socio-political contribution to their region, the people are at the centre of their efforts, and they usually have to make do with scarce financial resources and a small number of employees, who often contribute their efforts voluntarily. Among the organisations supported are cancer aid and nursing associations, integrative projects, warming rooms, women’s shelters and many more.

What is special about the Our Commitment to Austria initiative launched at the beginning of September is based on two pillars: first, Casinos Austria’s employees are an essential element of the support provided through corporate volunteering, meaning that social orientation is also put into practice by the staff. Second, the socio-political responsibility in and for Austria, which has been applied by the company for over 55 years, is not only a specially imposed obligation, but an actual inner conviction.

The twelve casinos invigorate the regions in many ways; they strengthen existing socio-political initiatives and enable new ones, and thus generate social impulses. An additional 108 social activities are included in Our Commitment to Austria this year, so we clearly live up to the name.

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