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A lucky guest takes home 283,700 euros after playing the Fort Knox Jackpot

Casinos Austria
A long-time casino guest got his week off to a dazzling start with the highest slot win at Casinos Austria this year.

For several months, a big win at the Fort Knox Jackpot, the highest-paying slot machine in Austria's casinos, simply failed to materialise. All that changed on Monday, March 21 at Casino Linz – in a big way. A native of Upper Austria and a loyal guest at the casino for many years yesterday paid a visit to Casino Linz after a long absence. It was destined to be a stunning encounter of a very special kind.

It's probably quite unusual that Monday of all days would yield the absolute highlight of the week – but that happened to be the case for this particular casino guest. At 4.30 pm, he won the bank vault game on the Fort Knox machine, resulting in cool winnings of exactly 283,747.80 euros. What astonished the staff on duty was the man's calm reaction as he realised his win right away. Nevertheless, he was overjoyed – and because a pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled, he announced that he would also be passing on part of his winnings to his close relatives.

Yesterday's win is not only 2022's highest-ever slot win at Casinos Austria, but also the highest Fort Knox Jackpot win in Austria in almost two years. It was after all two years ago that another lucky jackpot winner struck gold in Upper Austria's provincial capital. The 90 Fort Knox machines in the twelve casinos are connected to each other throughout Austria and are restocked with 200,000 euros after each jackpot win. No other Fort Knox machine in the world offers such a high prize payout. The minimum stake is 75 cents.