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The Casino Cup – 2nd preliminary round for Lower Austria: the women's team emerges as the winner

Who will emerge as the champion at the roulette, blackjack and poker tables? On Monday, June 27, the second preliminary round of the Casino Cup for Lower Austria took place at the Casino Baden. The SV Paudorf women's team had Lady Luck on their side and came one step closer to the main prize – a one-week training camp. They now have a fixed place at the state finals on September 4.

Now that the actual football championships have come to an end, all active footballers in Austria's clubs can keep playing at Casinos Austria's tables, this time for the Casino Cup. The Casino Cup is a competition for footballers and fans playing in any football clubs registered with the Austrian Football Association. This time it's not about fast, cunning exchanges, spectacular long shots and yellow cards, but about exciting entertainment and a bit of luck at the roulette, black jack and poker tables.

The second preliminary round at Casino Baden on June 27 began with a joint reception, the Captains' Meeting, after which the element of luck entered the picture at the roulette, black jack and poker tables. What was at stake was not money, but tournament chips; it was all about the entertainment and the fun factor. The SV Paudorf women's team (AK Lower Austria Women's National League) had Lady Luck on their side, emerging as the day's winners ahead of SC Münchendorf (2nd Class East/Centre) and SC Höflein (2nd Class East) and thus advancing to the national final round.

There are still dates available for any teams who may have decided to join the fun and take part in the Casino Cup. Clubs can register at at any time. Whoever prevails at the Austrian final in autumn can look forward to a spectacular main prize: the winning team receives a one-week training camp in the sunny south. The Austrian final of the Casino Cup will be shown as part of an entertaining primetime TV show by PULS 4 in autumn of 2022.