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A late Christmas gift: Fort Knox jackpot of 255,000 euros won at Casino Baden

Casinos Austria
On Monday night, a casino guest landed the tenth jackpot of the year on Austria’s highest-paying slot machine.

The time for Christmas gifts is usually a thing of the past by St. Stephen’s Day... but as we all know, it’s the exceptions that prove the rule. On the evening of December 26, Casino Baden was the place where one such exception took place.

During his second visit to this casino, a young man tried his luck at the Fort Knox slot machine. At four minutes to midnight, a message appeared on the display that he found difficult to comprehend at first. His girlfriend quickly grasped what had happened: he had just won a jackpot of exactly 255,087.50 euros. Of course, after a little delay, the young man was overjoyed about this generous prize that he had lucked into.

Yesterday’s top prize at the Fort Knox Jackpot is already the tenth of its kind in 2022 at Austria’s highest-paying slot jackpot. It’s also the one with the third-highest winning amount. The popular Fort Knox machines, of which 90 are in operation, offer Casinos Austria’s guests a unique slot gaming experience. They are connected to each other in twelve casinos throughout Austria and are restocked with 200,000 euros after each jackpot win. The minimum stake is a mere 75 cents.