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Blue Casino Night: Casinos Austria donates two euros per guest to the Austrian Cancer Aid’s “Loose Tie” campaign

Casinos Austria is once again proving to be a reliable partner to Austrian Cancer Aid during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in November

As a partner of the Austrian Cancer Aid’s “Loose Tie” campaign, Casinos Austria is committed to the early detection of prostate cancer. With the “Blue Casino Night”, Casinos Austria aims to raise awareness of preventive examination as an important men’s health issue. For every guest who visits one of the twelve Austrian casinos on Thursday, November 16, two euros will be donated to the “Loose Tie” campaign.

On this evening, “Loose Tie” will also feature a wearable logo for the first time. Casinos Austria is providing its own pins bearing the campaign logo, which will be worn by its employees. This provides additional visibility and informs guests about this important campaign while they get to enjoy an entertaining, fascinating evening in a distinctive, exciting ambience with classic games as well as new attractions.

Erwin van Lambaart, General Director of Casinos Austria, commented: “Health is the most important thing of all. Casinos Austria has been assuming socio-political responsibility for many years and together with Austrian Cancer Aid is committed to this good cause as a sign of solidarity. As a reliable partner, “Blue Casino Night” allows us to offer not only financial support, but also a good opportunity to emphasise the importance of early detection and prevention.”

Thomas Lichtblau, Managing Director of Casinos Austria, added: “Many of us have busy schedules, but in addition to work, family, friends and hobbies, we should also make room for personal and, above all, regular healthcare. In Austria, prostate cancer takes more than a thousand lives every year. It’s absolutely not necessary for this number to be as high as it is. As this cancer doesn’t present any symptoms, early detection is of particular importance. Timely treatment can, in many cases, save lives.”

Since Casinos Austria was founded, the company has always seen it as a vital obligation to be involved in humanitarian and social projects in and for Austria. In keeping with the motto “Playsponsible – Living Responsibility Together”, the partnership between Casinos Austria and Austrian Cancer Aid can look back on a long tradition and includes numerous campaigns. Casinos Austria has already donated 10,000 euros to breast cancer patients this year with the Pink Casinos Night to the benefit of Pink Ribbon on October 12. Supporting the “Loose Tie” campaign for men is a clear and necessary counterpart.

In addition to its support for the “Pink Ribbon” and “Loose Tie” campaigns, Casinos Austria provides cancer patients with event tickets for the joint “Happy Moments” initiative and offers local support as part of the “Our Commitment to Austria” initiative in Linz, Innsbruck, Zell am See and Seefeld.

About Casinos Austria
Since its foundation in 1968, Casinos Austria’s world of experience has offered exciting entertainment and serious gaming with player protection for all adults in an unmistakable ambience and at the highest international level. With their offerings, the twelve Austrian casinos constitute top tourism businesses and contribute to value creation to an extent that goes far beyond their own turnover performance. Casinos Austria has declared the support of institutions, initiatives and projects that benefit people in Austria as its corporate goal.