For the third time already this year, the popular Casinos Austria slot games bring winnings of more than € 200,000.

With the start of our golden autumn, Fortuna, the goddess of luck, proved generous, pouring from her horn-of-plenty at Casino Velden yesterday at noon. Rather than leaves of gold, however, there was a sizeable sum of cash totalling precisely € 248,918.95. Fortuna chose a Carinthian woman, who always enjoys visiting Casino Velden. And she didn't have to wait long for her windfall: the second time she played the Fort Knox machine, the display showed she had won the jackpot.

Since the casinos reopened in May, this is already the third top-level hit on the Fort Knox machine. In June, a visitor to Casino Salzburg won more than € 217,000, and in July a woman from Lower Austria also won nearly € 229,000 at Casino Velden.

The popular Fort Knox machines have been offering Casinos Austria guests a unique slot game experience since May 2019: the jackpot can be won starting at a stake of as low as 75 cents. The total of 90 Fort Knox machines in the twelve casinos are interconnected throughout Austria and refilled with € 200,000 after each jackpot win. No other Fort Knox machine in the world offers this high of a prize.