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Player Protection

"Gaming with Responsibility" is the basis of all of our activities.

Visiting a casino is meant to allow you to play games in a relaxed atmosphere and provide an exciting leisure-time experience. Most people play games responsibly and in compliance with their means. Casinos Austria is aware, however, that participation in gaming may become problematic in individual instances. We therefore inform our guests what we do – and what they themselves can do – to ensure that gaming continues to be an entertaining pleasure.

Information and Contact

Information on gaming risks and preventing compulsive gaming can be obtained here:

Hotline: 0800 202 304 (calls in Austria are free of charge)


By post: Casinos Austria AG
Corporate Function Responsible Gaming
Rennweg 44, 1030 Vienna

Office hours: Monday - Friday 10am - 3pm
Telephone appointment via our Hotline kindly requested!

As a matter of course all communication is treated with absolute discretion.

10 recommendations for Responsible Gaming

  1. Before you start, fix a specific stake that is reasonable in terms of your financial means.
  2. Only play for amounts you have set aside for your leisure time and entertainment.
  3. Make sure that your participation in games of chance never outweighs other leisure time activities you pursue.
  4. Only play for fun and entertainment. Gambling is not an alternative to gainful work.
  5. Avoid taking higher risks to compensate for any losses incurred.
  6. Do not play whenever you are under extreme stress, depressed or heavily burdened in other ways.
  7. Do not play under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other psychotropic substances.
  8. Remember that in gaming, it is nothing but chance that decides about winning or losing.
  9. Give yourself a time limit for playing and stick to it. Take regular breaks during gaming.
  10. Take this opportunity to make the anonymous self-test on regarding your gaming behaviour.

Certification Based on ECA Standards

In 2014 Casinos Austria was the first company worldwide certified for its responsible gaming management system on the basis of the European Casino Association (ECA) standards. In 2017 the success was repeated and re-certification, valid again for three years, was achieved. For achievement of this certification, eight subareas were intensively examined by the independent institute Austrian Standards, in particular staff training on the subject of responsible gaming, responsible advertising and information for casino guests.

European Casino Association