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204,000 euros for a player from Carinthia: another Fort Knox win at Casino Velden

Within the space of just a single week, a second lucky winner of Austria's highest-paying slot jackpot lands the jackpot at the casino on Lake Wörthersee.

"Again – so soon?" – that's what some of the staff at Casino Velden must have thought on the evening of August 31. It was exactly one week earlier that a player from Upper Carinthia won the Fort Knox jackpot. Last night, the same thing happened again, and Austria's southernmost casino became a veritable goldmine for one particular guest.

The visitor found out about the previous week's big win via regional media. When he was asked what he would do with a six-figure prize, his thoughts on the subject were a little surprising at first. His hopes were actually pinned on the 1,300 euro jackpot that was played out at Casino Velden on the previous night. But as it happened, Lady Luck had other plans for this young man – who only recently became a father – on this last day of August. After just two minutes of playing the Fort Knox machine, the winning sum of exactly 204,450.17 euros lit up on the display – an amount that this player can put to excellent use to set up a home for his young family.

Yesterday's big win is the fifth this year on Austria's highest-paying slot jackpot and the third at Casino Velden. The 90 Fort Knox machines in the twelve casinos are connected to each other throughout Austria and are restocked with 200,000 euros after each jackpot win. No other Fort Knox machine in the world offers such a high prize payout. The minimum stake is a mere 75 cents.

Floormanager Kühberger und Casino Direktorin Roseneder freuen sich mit dem Gewinner

Casino Velden Floormanager Peter Kühberger und Casino Direktorin Marion Roseneder freuen sich mit dem Gewinner

Karin Obkircher

Marketing Expert

Casino Velden
Am Corso 17
9220, Velden