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Historische Aussenaufnahme des Casino Baden

History of the building

Its history begins with Emperor Franz I, who, after a treatment at the spa, selected Baden as a permanent location for the imperial family's summer stay, making the city a popular resort and summer holiday location for the aristocracy and bourgeoisie.

The building was constructed in place of the old Theresienbad spa in the resort park between 1884 and 1886 as a new spa in the style of the Renaissance Revival based on architects Eugen Faßbender and Maximilian Katscher's plans.

In the interwar period (1928) the last remnants of the Theresienbad spa were removed and a drinking hall was built according to the plans of Joseph Fischer.

Deckengemälde Festsaal Hygieia von Franz Zatzka

Selection of artworks at Casino Baden

The ceiling fresco "Hygieia" by Prof. Hans Zatzka created in 1886 is a cultural jewel. It is located in the magnificent festival hall of Congress Casino Baden. Hygieia is the Greek goddess of health and was considered the wife of Asclepius, the god of healing.

Water is a central element in the thermal resort of Baden. Artist Manfred Welte dedicated three fountains to him during refurbishment between 1992 and 1995: the fountain with illuminated waterspouts on the terrace, the "wellspring" in the domed hall of the restaurant, a gem consisting of 932 pieces of glass with an immersible granite ball, and the granite fountain in the form of the casino logo with the rotating ball in front of the building.

Casino Baden Außenansicht

History of the casino

Casino Baden was opened in the resort on 12 April 1934 as Austria's first year-round casino.

The casino was closed during the Second World War. Russian headquarters were located in it after the war, which is why casino operations only resumed in mid-1955. The casino relocated to the congress centre in 1968.

In 1977, Casino Baden was refurbished several times. During the major refurbishment from 1992 to 1995 the casino relocated to the Baden event hall. In March 1995 Casino Baden was opened as the largest casino in Europe including the congress and event centres. The gaming hall and restaurant areas were relaunched in 2007.

Ansicht Gebäudeteil mit Congress Casino Schriftzug und Uhr

History in annual figures

  • April 1934 Casino opened in the Kurhaus in Baden
  • August 1944 Closure
  • July 1955 Casino reopened
  • 1968 Moves to the Baden Congress House (Baden Hall)
  • December 1969 Moves from Baden Hall to Drinking Hall
  • October 1977 Rebuilding completed and casino opened
  • December 1979 Slot machines introduced and newly fitted-out slot machine hall opened
  • Summer 1990 Casino converted and extended
  • January 1992 First sod turned for renovation
  • December 1992 Moved to Veranstaltungshalle
  • March 1995 Casino Baden reopened
  • Fall 2007 Renovation and reopening of Casino Baden

Roulette Kessel Zahl 13

Introduction of games

1972 Blackjack
1983 American roulette
1987 Austria jackpot
1987 Punto banco
1988 Wheel of fortune
1988 Poker (premiere in Europe)
1990 Red dog
1991 Sic bo
1994 European seven eleven
2002 Easy Poker
2002 Easy Black Jack
2002 Joker Wheel
2005 Black Jack Imperial
2006 Easy Roulette
2009 Mega Million Jackpot
2013 Black Jack Exchange
2014 Double Roulette