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Zwei junge Damen jubeln im Automatensaal von Casinos Austria

YEAH, let's do it again!

In the mood to play the slots?

Discover our incredibly diverse range of games on our multigame slots at a casino near you.

You’ll be thrilled by brand-new games and well-known classics such as Book of Ra, Lucky Lady's Charm, Sizzling Hot or Spinning Reels.

The new games provide for a perfect gaming experience with state-of-the-art technology, sound effects and 3D graphics.

12 Casinos in Austria
Weißhaariger Herr und dunkelhaarige Dame tanzen vor Spielautomaten

WHOOPE, we're making history!


This exciting classic of a game is one of the most popular casino games worldwide. Explore the world of pyramids and hieroglyphs in all 12 Austrian casinos.

12 Casinos in Austria
Dame und Herr sitzen am Bonustag vor dem Spielautomaten

Bonus Day Mystery Pot


Bonus day is always on the 22nd of the month, with additional chances to win on all the Casinos Austria slots*.

Yippee! With a little luck, get your bonus in the casino on the 22nd:

On the bonus day you can win an additional 1,400 x € 77 at all the slots*!

*) excluding Roulette machines


12 Casinos in Austria
Dame mit gekreuzten Fingern vor den Spielautomaten

Doubleday Mystery Pot

Win up to an additional 1.000 X € 109

The Doubleday Mystery Pot can be won on the following doubledays this year: 11.11. and 12.12.

YEAH! That makes it double the fun:

With a little luck, win up to an additional 1,000 x € 109 on all the slots and collect double the lucky points** with your Glücks Card.

*) Excluding roulette slots.
**) All lucky points won this day with the Glücks Card will be automatically doubled. Up to a maximum of 3,000 lucky points.

More about Glücks Card