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Gruppe bei Roulette Turnier im Casino

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Experience the exciting classic in all 12 Austrian Casinos.

Roulette is probably the best known and most popular game of chance. Numerous stories, movies and fantasies revolve around this game, which is actually quite simple – after all, it’s just a case of guessing which number the ball will land on …. It’s just as easy as it is exciting to be part of the action when the ball starts rolling.

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Dunkelhaariger Herr sitzt beim Easy Roulette Automaten im Casino

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Genuine Live Roulette - at all Easy Roulette Machines from as little as € 1.

Easy Roulette is played at special gaming stations that can be easily operated via touch screen.

Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the game undisturbed. Easy Roulette is American Roulette or Party Roulette, which is played via touch screen. The screen shows the playing area, where you can place your bets by the touch. After you have “fed” the gaming station with a game card or bank notes, the screen displays your balance under “Credit”.



12 Casinos in Austria

History & Stories

The origins of the game

The origin of roulette is often attributed to French mathematician Blaise Pascal – but incorrectly. It is generally assumed that 17th-century Italy was the country of origin. In Meyer’s Encyclopaedia, Big Roulette is referred to as Italian Roulette at around the year 1900. The actual roots of roulette can probably be found in the medieval wheel of fortune.


Roulette arrived in France, where Louis XV tried in vain to ban it, during the 18th century. In 1806, Napoleon Bonaparte allowed the game of chance only in the gaming houses of the Palais Royal in Paris. The rules for today’s game essentially developed in France. The croupier launches the ball on the wheel against the direction of rotation. Bets may no longer be placed after the announcement “No more bets please.” The rules of the game are almost identical worldwide.


The attempts to ban the game may have been one aspect that helped it gain such prominence. From Russian author Dostoevsky, who fell for the game of roulette and wrote his novel “The Gambler” about it, all the way to films in which the roulette wheel spins. People find roulette quite fascinating. Physicist Stephen Hawking put it like this: “All the evidence shows that […] the universe is a great casino, where […] roulette wheels spin on every occasion.”

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Roulette Game Explanation

This is how it works:

If you want to familiarize yourself with the playing and betting options in roulette, you will find here the roulette player's guide to download.

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