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Gaming at Casino Wien


Look forward to an international range of games in the elegant atmosphere of Palais Esterházy. Detailed information on the individual games can be found under the links listed below. Not that familiar with any of it? Of course we offer game explanations for groups of 6 or more and with a private croupier!

Gruppe und Croupière am Black Jack Tisch


  • Slot machines from 09:00 a.m.
  • American Roulette from 09:00 a.m.
  • Black Jack from 09:45 a.m.
  • Poker Cash Game from 04:00 p.m.

Our staff will be happy to provide you with more information.

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Sammeln und Gewinnen

Collect & win 7 x 1,000 Euro!

Win - with a little luck - up to 7 x € 1,000 in game chips!

Collect entry tickets* during your visit to Casino Wien from July 8th - August 4th, 2024. This will give you the chance to win up to 7 x € 1,000 in gaming chips on the final raffle day. The 7 raffles will take place on August 4th, 2024 every hour from 5 p.m. - 11 p.m. - exclusively at Casino Wien.

Collection period & raffle day:

  • July 8th - August 4th, 2024 I Raffles on August 4th, 2024 from 5 p.m.

*) A maximum of 8 entry tickets per collection period and one additional entry ticket on the final raffle day can be collected.



5 American Roulette (from min. € 10,-)
2 Party Roulette (from min. € 5,-)
36 Easy Roulette Terminals (from min. € 1,-)

VIP Room:
1 American Roulette (from min. € 50,-)

Jackpot Casino:
1 American Roulette (from min. € 10,-)
1 Party Roulette (from min. € 5,-)
8 Interblock Multi Roulette (from min. € 2,-)
6 Easy Roulette Terminals (from min. € 1,-)

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Black Jack Tableau Croupier Karten Schlitten


5 Black Jack (from min .€ 10,-)
1 Black Jack X-Change (from min. € 20,-)

VIP Room:
1 Black Jack (from min. € 500,-)

Jackpot Casino:
1 Black Jack (from min. € 10,-)

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Macau Baccarat Karten am Spieltisch im Casino


2 Macau Baccarat (from min.€ 50)

VIP Room:
2 Macau Baccarat (from min. € 500)

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Poker Table Pot Dealer zeigt 2 Karten in Hand Pair 2 Asse



8 Cash Game Tables
1 Tropical Stud Poker (Min. € 20,-)
2 Easy Hold'em Poker (from Min. € 10,-)

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Automaten Reihe Fruits

Slot Machines

104 Slot machines
36 Easy Roulette Terminals
5 Fort Knox Slot machines (Min. € 0,75)

Jackpot Casino:
122 Slot machines
8 Interblock Multi Roulette
6 Easy Roulette Terminals
3 Fort Knox Slot machines (Min. € 0,75)

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Jackpot Casino Wien


Live Game:
1 American Roulette
1 Party Roulette
1 Black Jack

Slot Game:
122 Slot machines
8 Interblock Multi Roulette
6 Easy Roulette Terminals
3 Fort Knox Slot machines (Min. € 0,75)

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Dame hält Spiel Card von Casinos Austria in der Hand

The Gaming Card is here!

A card that can do it all:

Once registered at the reception, your gaming credit and all other important information is stored on your new Gaming Card and is protected by an individual PIN code. This means you can keep your Gaming Card until your next time at the casino, without having to hand it in at the reception each time.*

* Please note that you will only be able to enjoy playing the slots with a valid Gaming Card or Glücks Card. Find out about our Glücks Card Bonus Programme, for in addition to lucky points, now you can also collect status points with the RED, GOLD or PLATINUM Glücks Card.

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