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Play casino classics such as roulette and blackjack and immerse yourself in the exciting world of our slot games.

Gäste spielen Roulette im Casino
Roulette Close-up Tableau Croupier Hand Dolly Jetons



  • Min. 1 table from 15:00, min. € 5
  • Min. 2 tables from 17:00, min.€ 5

Fri/Sat/before public holidays:

  • Min. 5 tables, min. € 5
  • Game Zone from 19:00, min. € 1
Black Jack Spieltuch Insurance-Feld mit Karten und Jetons

Black Jack


  • 1 table from 15:00, min. € 10

Fri/Sat/before public holidays:

  • Min. 2 tables, min. € 5
  • Min. 3 tables, min. € 10
  • Game Zone from 19:00, min. € 1
Dealer-Hände mit Poker-Karten und Pot am Poker-Tisch im Casino


Whether a poker cash game or poker tournaments, at Casino Baden you can choose from a wide range of poker options.

Poker Offer at Casino Baden

Frau und Mann spielen an den Spielautomaten im Casino

Slot Machines

We offer 194 slot machines in the Casino Classic and 73 slot machines in the Jackpot Casino. 46 Easy Roulette terminals are also available (two of them in the Jackpot Casino).

Slot Game

Game Zone Hosts im Casino Baden vor Mega LED Wall

Game Zone

The Game Zone offers you a multimedia experience: with a mega-LED wall, party music, a relaxed club atmosphere and charming croupiers.

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Easy Holdem Poker

Easy Hold'em Poker

  • Fr & Sa 1 table from 19:00, min. € 5
  • Sun-Thu from 18:00, min. € 10

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Dame hält Spiel Card von Casinos Austria in der Hand


Once registered at the reception, your gaming credit and all other important information is stored on your new Gaming Card and is protected by an individual PIN code. This means you can keep your Gaming Card until your next time at the casino, without having to hand it in at the reception each time.*

* Please note that in the future you will only be able to enjoy playing the slots with a valid Gaming Card or Glücks Card. Find out about our Glücks Card Bonus Programme, for in addition to lucky points, now you can also collect status points with the RED, GOLD or PLATINUM Glücks Card.

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