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Black Jack

The game


Take a seat at one of the free boxes at the Black Jack table. After all the players have placed their bets the croupier gives each box owner two cards and himself one. Beginning on the croupier‘s left the box owners now take their turn. Each can request additional cards until s/he believes to be close enough to 21. But be careful: The bet and cards of any player who exceeds 21 will be taken by the croupier...

Interested in learning the rules to the game? Then click on the interactive Black Jack game explanation now. The Black Jack game explanation folder is available as a download.

Gaming Explanation: Black Jack English (1.12.2018)

Spielerklaerungsfolder-Black-Jack-Englisch-1122018.PDF (1.186 KB)
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Additional chance Combination 3


Bet on a specific combination of a box's first two cards and the croupier's first card.

With a little luck you'll win 300 times your bet.

Black Jack Tisch

Black Jack X-Change: More Excitement & More Chances

Exchanging makes the excitement grow! This is the theme introducing the game of Black Jack X-change in all 12 casinos on Friday, 7.6.2013. This new type of Black Jack game is based on the usual Black Jack rules - with additional opportunities to play and chances to win. You play with two "hands" - the second card in each of the "hands" can be exchanged with one another.

Black Jack Spiel in Betrieb

Combination 4: Win up to 500 Times the Amount of the Bet

More attractive games await you: in Combination4 the player can bet in advance on the combinations of the first four cards and win up to 500 times the amount of his bet. So excitement is guaranteed with the new Black Jack X-change. 12 Casinos