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Culinary Highlights in Kitzbühel

Cuisino - Casino Restaurant Kitzbühel

Those who believe everything merely revolves around gaming at Casino Kitzbühel are mistaken. The finest culinary delicacies are offered by Cuisino, the restaurant at Casino Kitzbühel, where guests are indulged in Austrian/Mediterranean specialities. The "best steaks in town" can be found at Cuisino, the restaurant at Casino Kitzbühel, offered in a wide range of variations. Originating in the 15th century, the wine cellar is also available for celebrations of all kinds. There is room for up to 20 persons.

Cuisino, the restaurant at Casino Kitzbühel, is open daily for you from 17.30 to 22.30.

Closed: 24 December

Casino Restaurant
Dinner & Casino Gutschein serviert

Dinner & Casino

First, a treat for the palate, then the pleasure of gaming. Dinner & Casino is the perfect combination of both passions.

Dinner & Casino
Junge Frauen beim Anstoßen

Culinary Events

Enjoy food festivals, wine tastings and more ...


Culinary Events
Paar wird im Restaurant bedient

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Das Rasmushof-Restaurant

Hotel Rasmushof Kitzbühel

A tip for insiders and gourmet food lovers is that you can enjoy outstanding dining in an à la carte restaurant at Rasmushof. The menu includes traditional dishes from the Kitzbühel Alps region as well as Austrian delicacies, traditional dishes and international specialities.

Das Rasmushof-Restaurant