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When the croupier opens the game, everybody gets excited!

Faites vos jeux! Fairytale luck with red or black, even or odd. Once the ball gets rolling, there's no going back: rien ne va plus! It's all up to luck. At the casino you can select from several versions of Roulette: American Roulette as well as Easy Roulette (mix of classic Roulette and slot machine gaming) and the fully automated Roulette.

Roulettekugel auf der 13

American Roulette

Play at Casino Wien on a total of 8 American Roulette tables. American Roulette is played at the table standing; the croupier's calls are in German/English: "no more bets please". The minimum for American Roulette is € 5 or € 10 and is offered daily during the entire gaming period.

Gruppe feiernder Leute beim Roulette

Party Roulette

Play from Wednesday to Saturday on the 1st floor next to the fancy Casino Bar at our Party Games Zone. (Fr-Sa Min. € 2,50,-)

Jackpot Cafe Baden Ausschnitt Automaten mit roten Sesseln

Roulette on the slot machines

An innovative mix of classic roulette and slot machine gaming that our new guests especially like to play.

Here you play Roulette for as low as a minimum bet of € 1 while sitting comfortably at your own slot machine.

Easy Roulette Automat

Easy Roulette

At the computer terminal you can digitally select one of our "real" Roulette tables. You then place your bets on the touchscreen. The croupier tosses the ball and the original wheel is shown on camera – now you can watch where the ball lands live.


Roueltterad wird gedreht

Hydraulic Roulette

The slot machine in the Jackpot Cafe offers a total of 8 terminals grouped around one hydraulically operated Roulette wheel. Conveniently place your bets here by touchscreen and watch the fully automatic Roulette wheel.


Gruppe spielt am Roulettetisch

The playing area

The playing area is also called the tableau. It consists of a green canvas and symbols are printed. The heart of the table is the Roulette wheel. It is divided into compartments according to the number of numbers in the roulette wheel. These are arranged alternately in a red and a black field.

Frau und Mann stehen am Roulettetisch

Placing your bets

With the call "Rien ne va plus!" or "No more bets!" all bets must have been placed. Tossed against the direction the wheel is rotating, the ball lands on a number. With a variety of betting options you can determine the risk yourself. In addition, on the display behind the roulette table you see what numbers have appeared especially frequently or seldom in the last few games.

Croupier am Black Jack Tisch bei einer Spielerklärung

For the employees

It is customary to leave a tip at the table in the casino. An example: you play on a whole number and win, receiving 35 times the amount of your bet. In this case it is customary to leave the casino employee a portion of your bet as a tip. Thank you very much!