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Annual Reports

Every year, the Managing Board of Casinos Austria presents the annual report on the company's activities. Should you require further information, please contact us via

Press Release 16.03.2018

Casinos Austria Group Annual Report 2017  © Casinos Austria

Casinos-Austria-Group-Annual-Report-2017.pdf (3.496 KB)

Casinos Austria Annual Report 2016  © Casinos Austria

Casinos-Austria-Annual-Report-2016.pdf (2.717 KB)

Casinos Austria Annual Report 2015  © Casinos Austria

Casinos-Austria-Annual-Report-2015.pdf (6.471 KB)

Casinos Austria Annual Report 2014  © Casinos Austria

Casinos-Austria-Annual-Report-2014.pdf (4.158 KB)

Casinos Austria Annual Report 2013  © Casinos Austria

Casinos-Austria-Annual-Report-2013.pdf (5.132 KB)

CSR Reports

Find our CSR reports here. Should you require further information about our CSR activities, please follow the link.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Progress Report 2016  © Casinos Austria

CSR-Progress-Report-2016-17.pdf (4.429 KB)

CSR Report 2015  © Casinos Austria

CSR-Report-2015-neu.pdf (5.313 KB)

CSR Progress Report 2014  © Casinos Austria

CSR-Progress-Report-2014.pdf (1.663 KB)

CSR Report 2012/2013  © Casinos Austria

CSR-Report-20122013.pdf (7.876 KB)

CSR-Bericht 2011  © Casinos Austria

CSR-Bericht-2011.pdf (2.562 KB)