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The croupier's well-known "rien ne va plus" ("no more bets"). From the moment of this announcement on no more bets may be placed.


Purchase of additional tournament chips.

Up to a certain point in the initial phase of the tournament the player can purchase chips again regardless of his chip level.


Arrangement of chips on the table by value.


If a player no longer has sufficient capital on the table to meet or raise any bets during the game, he must declare "all-in" in order to have a claim on the capital paid into the pot up to this point (including his remaining capital).

A "side pot" is created, in which the other players continue to bet as usual. The player concerned receives the additional cards without any further betting, but only plays for the pot that was created with the side pot.


The placement of a bet which is viewed as an "attack on the bank".


The announcement of a game (e.g. "Zero et les deux voisins") and passing of the chips to the croupier. The croupier will then place the chips according to the player's wishes.


The announcement of a game (e.g. "Zero et les deux voisins") and passing of the chips to the croupier. The croupier will then place the chips according to the player's wishes.


Stake enabling patron to join in a round.


Playing area in tropical poker layout.

Any bar

Combination of various bar symbols

Any position

In every position


Card worth 1 or 11


Minimum value of dealer’s hand permitting a comparison


French: Èquilibre: Statistical law defining the chances of the various Roulette calls being called the same number of times over the long term. The opposite of parity is the Equart.


Retire from round on payment of the ante.


Card given to patron in exchange for one of the originally dealt cards on payment of the amount of the ante.

Banco avec la table

Banker’s opponent bets exactly half of the Banco.

Banco et la table marche

The bet placed by the punter is at least half of the Banco and fills a possible difference to the overall balance in the bank.

Banco solo

The Punter plays alone against the Banker.

Banco suivi

The player's right for the next deal, irrespective of the direction of play of the banker that previously lost. In a similar way, the Suivi right also applies to Banco avec la table and Banco et la table marche.


Casino or croupier being played against.


Casino or croupier being played against.


Baccara patron putting up the stake.


A baccara player whose bet is at stake.


Chips which were purchased at a discount and cannot be exchanged back into cash.


Playing capital

Bet box

Playing area in tropical poker layout in which the ante is placed.


Jack, Queen or King

Black Jack

21 with the first two cards (an ace and a 10 or face card). Payouts are made 3:2. Exception Even Money, Stand off.


The respective applicable limit determines the amount of the possible bets and the amount of the blinds.

The blinds must be placed before the cards are dealt.

The player to the left of the dealer button (fictitious dealer) must place the small blind.

The player to the left of the small blind must place the big blind.

The amount of the small blind is generally equal to half of the big blind.


Pretending to have a stronger hand than is really the case.


All 5 community cards are referred to as "board".


Extra winnings or bonus


Areas where bets are placed.


The main player on a box, who makes the decisions for all of the guests playing on the box (generally the guest sitting in front of the respective box)

Burn card

Card removed from the game because of an irregularity


Card value over 21


Amount required by patron to join in a game.


It is an international custom to leave a small part of your winnings - as much as you feel is appropriate - for the casino staff. The wages for the casino staff are paid from the so-called "Cagnotte" according to statutory provisions. This is not a personal tip for the croupier.

Cagnotte box

Box for received tips


Call, place a bet without raising

Call Attendant

Call casino attendant


Delete selection

Cancel credit

Payout of the credit balance


Said by player when he/she wants another card



Place a bet on the table with four cards of the same kind at the same time.

Cash meter

Cash display

Cash out

Cash out




In Roulette there are several ways to win. Even money chances which payout 1 to 1, and multiple chances which payout multiples of the original bet.




Croupier who changes money at the baccara table; assistant to baccarat croupier.




Remain in game without betting.


Chef de Table or Table Chief. Casino employee responsible for and control of the flow of play at the roulette table.


French: Horse. The possibility of placing a single bet simultaneously on two neighbouring numbers on the tableau.




Depression in the table in front of the dealer containing the bank chips.



Coin Accepted

coin accepted

Coins played

Number of coins played



Common (Community) Cards

Cards valid for all players


A complete game from placement of the bets until all wins are paid out.




Person who manages the game and makes the pay-outs.


Special chips whose value is defined by the player upon purchase. They are used in American Roulette.


The croupier's designation in poker.

See also Croupier 

Dealer Button

A dealer button indicates the fictitious dealer. At the start of the hand every player is dealt a card face up. The highest card (spade, heart, diamond, club) receives the first button. Then the button moves clockwise after each game.


Pack of 52 cards (2 to ace in hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades).


Is responsible overall for the casino and makes final decisions.

Discard rack

Rack where discarded cards are placed.


Small metal figure with which the point is marked on the layout.

Don't pass

The number first thrown (come out) will not be repeated before a seven is thrown. Don’t pass also wins if the first throw is 2 or 3.


After receiving the first two cards of a hand the player can decide to double his bet under the condition he receive only one more card. Management can limit doubling depending on the variant of the game.

Double up feature

Possibility of doubling up


A chance that occurs twice consecutively.


To draw

Draw Poker

A type of Poker game.


Three of a kind

Drop collection

Type of fee in Seven Card Stud and Texas Hold'em / Omaha Poker.


One of the multiple chances (see). Players bet on 1-12 (Premier Douze - the first twelve numbers), on 13-24 (Douze Milieux - the middle dozen - the second twelve numbers) or 25-36 (Douze Dernier - the third twelve numbers). Payout 2:1.

Einfache Chancen

Red-black, even-odd, 1st-18th - 19th - 26th. Payout ratio 1:1


Relation between one call (chance) and another. Ecarts can be plus ecarts or minus ecarts.


Term for the 18 even numbers on an American Roulette table. Payout 1:1.

Even money

1:1 pay-out on blackjack at player’s request if the dealer’s first card is an ace.


The different colours for clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades.

Faux tirages

Playing against the rules. Allowed under certain circumstances.


Also called dominants, numbers or chances. These are numbers or other calls which appear in any one session more frequently than others. Opposite: Restanten


Game in which bets are made only on paper, particularly when testing systems.


Roulette combination game. Finales are numbers with the same end digit. Finales may be played en Plein - e.g. Finale 4: 4,14,24,34 or á Cheval - e.g. Finale 9/12: 9/12, 19/22, 29/32.


The floorman is the casino employee in the poker area who is responsible for administering the game.


Five cards of the same suit.


Pass, to withdraw from a current game.


Type of poker tournament.

In freezeout tournaments it is not possible to purchase additional chips at any time.

Players who have no more chips are eliminated.

Freie Plätze

Open seats are filled by the floorman or croupier.


Also called sortante. "The winning call". Opposite: Perdante ("the losing call").

Game Over

End of the game

Gegen die Bank spielen

Playing against the trend. For example, by playing the opposite of a chance that has just or frequently come up.

Geteilte Hände

Card combinations that emerge after a split.


Table with the payout ratios.

Große Serie

Combination game that covers a certain sector of the wheel and 17 numbers (22, 18, 29, 7, 28, 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, 15, 19, 4, 21, 2, 25). For this game 9 chips are required.


The combination of a player's or croupier's cards that is used to decide the game.




Change of the croupier that spins the ball on the hour and every half hour. The croupier announces this with "Messieurs, la boule passe, the croupier is changing!" On the notice board used in most casinos to indicate the last numbers that came up, the croupier change is noted with two strokes.


(Coincidence) Derived from the Arabic word "az-zahr" which was created in the 12th century, which means "the game of God".

High card

If the five cards do not at least comprise a pair, then the highest card counts - the so-called high card.






Term for the 18 odd numbers on a French Roulette table. Payout 1:1.

In any position

In any position

Insert coin

Insert coin

Insurance Line

Area for insurance


Higher winnings or highest winnings.

Jackpot, double progressive

Two progressive jackpots which can be won on one and the same slot machine (see Jackpot, progressive)

Jackpot, progressive

Jackpot whose value grows steadily with every bet




Growth of the original playing capital through winnings that are reinvested into playing. It is also said that players are playing "with the bank's money".


Capital added to the tables, if necessary.


Face value of a card (2-10), 10 for picture cards and 1 or 11 for ace.


Request another card from the dealer


Roulette equipment made of high-quality wood having the 37 numbered slots situated in its centre. It runs on a ball bearing mounted shaft.


Certain sector of the bowl.

Kleine Serie

Combination game that covers a certain sector of the wheel and includes 12 numbers (27, 13, 36, 11, 30, 8, 23, 10, 5, 24, 16, 33).This game requires a stake of 6 chips.


Multiple chance. Possibility to bet on one of the three vertical columns ("column 34", "column 35", and "column 36". Payout 2:1

Last bet

Last bet


Printed area of the table.


The type of limit (split limit, pot limit, no limit); gives the value of the respective bets.


From the French Louis d'Or - a 20 x chip irrespective of the currency.


Term for the numbers 1-18 on a French Roulette table.

Markierte Jetons

Value chips that are marked. These are given to special guests in French Roulette.


Systematic sequence of bets you intend to follow or attack.

Masse egale

Game in which the bets are always of the same value.

Max bet

Maximum bet.


Maximum bet in a box.

Mehrfache Chancen

Columns, dozens (2:1), transverse simple (5:1), transverse plein (11:1), carré (8:1), cheval (17:1), plein (35:1).


Minimum bet

Mit der Bank spielen

e.g. by repeating a chance that has just come up or has come up often.

Nicht qualifiziert

The dealer has a hand lower than ace-king; the ante is paid out at 1:1 and the round is over.

Nichts geht mehr

"Rien ne va plus" or "no more bets" - an announcement made by the croupier that no more bets may be placed.

No Limit

Type of limit in seven-card stud and Texas Hold'em / Omaha Poker. Limits the value of bets during a game.


Term for the 18 odd numbers on an American Roulette table. Payout 1:1.


French for "orphans". Combination game in which two certain, separate sectors of the wheel are covered. For this game (1, 6, 9, 14, 17, 20, 31, 34) 5 chips are required.


Two of a kind


Term for the 18 even numbers on a French Roulette table. Payout 1:1.


If the player wins and then leaves his stake and winnings on the same number to play again. See also "Play with the bank's money".


Term for the numbers 19-36 on a French Roulette table.


The winning line.

Pays only when lit

Wins are only paid on the lit lines selected.


Opposite of gagnante.

See also Gagnante 


The written or electronic records of all the numbers which come up at the table listed in series. Particularly important for system players. In most casinos you can purchase the permanence as a computer printout.


Electronic unit that displays the last 15 to 20 numbers which came up at a table allowing more exact observation of the game.

Place your bets

Place your bets - the croupier's call to play the game.





Rectangular chip of high value.

Play 1 to 5 coins

Pay 1 to 5 coins.

Play coins or credits before pulling handle

Insert coins or vouchers before pulling the handle (starting the game).




Four of a kind.


Patron playing against the Banker.


Total bets made during a round.

Pot Limit

Type of limit in seven-card stud and Texas Hold'em / Omaha Poker. Limits the value of bets during a game.


The prize pool determines the amount of the tournament prize money.

It is divided among players on a percentage basis according to a precisely defined key.

Press button

Press button.

Press to return coin

Coin return


Increase in the stake from game to game (opposite: Masse egale). There is a distinction between a winning and a losing progression. Many progressions carry the name of their inventor (e.g. D´Alembert).

Push to collect

Push to collect.


The croupier has at least an ace and a king.


Increase previous bet.


Purchasing tournament chips after the play has begun.

In a rebuy tournament purchasing chips during the specified time after the play has begun is possible.


Opposite of favourites - as numbers or part-chances which did not fall during certain parts of the game.

Rien ne va plus

"Rien ne va plus" or "no more bets" - announcement made by the croupier that no more bets may be placed.

River Card

The 5th community card is referred to as the river card.

Royal Flush

Highest combination: run of five cards from ace to 10 of the same suit.


The floorman is responsible for the daily administration in the casino gaming areas and is a contact person for the guests


Playing system term, e.g. progression or Masse egale.


Symbol which is effective in any position.


To exercise the winning right a player who has been dealt an initial hand with a value of 8 or 9 must immediately expose his hand.

Second Chance

Second Chance tournaments give players who have been knocked out the opportunity to enter into the tournament for a second time. The participant gets a new starting stack and a new seat. This Second Chance does not have to be taken up immediately after elimination, and remains available until the end of level six, as long as there are seats available. These free places are allocated by the tournament managers, with reference to a waiting list (alternate list). If players finish in the money before the end of level six, their option of a Second Chance ends and they are not allowed to re-enter the tournament. 




Revealing of hands to find out who has won.

Siebener Drilling

If a player has three sevens, an immediate 3:2 pay-out is made.


A notice to bet stemming from accounting.

Slot machine

Slot machine


The capital available to play.


A complete game from placing the bets through to paying out all of the winnings.


If the first two cards are identical (e.g. two eights, but also any combination of 10 and picture card), they can be split (with an additional bet of the same amount as the original bet being placed on the second card).

Split Limit

Type of limit in seven-card stud and Texas Hold'em / Omaha Poker. Limits the value of bets during a game.

See also Limit 



Stand off

Guest retains bet (only possible on don’t pass if the first roll is 12).


Start or Start button.


Said by player when he/she does not want a further card.


Run of five cards in sequence regardless of suit.

Straight flush

Run of five cards in sequence of the same suit.


Chip units regardless of their real value.




Banker gives up the bank prematurely.


Table Stake

During a game, only the capital that a player has in front of him on the table at the beginning of the respective game may be used for betting.

This is referred to as the table stake.

Capital may be added to the table stake between games. As long as a player is participating in the game, he may not remove any capital from the table stake.


Printed cloth, also playing area.


If the card value of the first two cards is equal, the player can split, which means he can form a new hand with the second card by placing his original bet once more. When splitting, the combination ace/10 or ace/face produces the value 21 and not a Black Jack. If the player splits two aces then he only receives one card per ace - as long as he does not split again. Management can offer variants of the game and thereby restrict the number of hands being split (also dependent on card value).



Transversale pleine

A bet on a diagonal row of three numbers (e.g. 7-8-9), payout 11:1.


Transversale simple

A bet on a diagonal row of six numbers (e.g. 7-8-9-10-11-12), payout 5:1.



Normally one chip to the value of the en Plein bet. It is also generally accepted to tip two or three chips "Pour les employés", "for the staff", as a token of appreciation for the winnings or of the service provided by the croupier. The wages for the casino staff are paid from the tips or so-called "Cagnotte" according to statutory provisions. This is not a personal tip for the croupier.


Tips from which the wages for the casino staff are paid.

Turn Card

The 4th community card is referred to as the turn card.


The casino employee responsible for the entire administration of the tournament.

Decisions of the tournament director are final.


After receiving the first two cards of a hand the player can decide to double his bet under the condition he receive only one more card. Management can limit doubling depending on the variant of the game.


The player/dealer has more than 21.


If the croupier's first card is an Ace, players may insure their bet against a possible blackjack with the bank. An insurance bet can be any amount between half and double the player's original bet wagered, in half minimum steps.


If the dealer’s first card is an ace and he/she makes blackjack with the second card, the insurance payout is 2:1 (see insurance).


Table area directly above the layout, which the dice may not leave.

When lit

When lit.



Zero / Doppel Zero
Zero game

Combination game that covers a certain sector of the wheel around the zero (0) (12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, 15). For this game 4 chips are required.

Zwei Paare

Hand containing two different pairs.