Doubleday Mystery Pot

Every month there is an additional chance to win up to 1,000 x 109 euros on doubledays.

YEAH, that makes it double the fun!

The Doubleday Mystery Pot can be won on the doubledays of 2022:

7.7., 8.8., 9.9., 10.10., 11.11., 12.12. and additionally always on the 22nd of the month.

With a little luck, win up to an additional 1,000 x € 109 on all the slots* and collect double the lucky points** with your Glücks Card.

More about Glücks Card

 *) Excluding roulette slots
**) All lucky points won this day with the Glücks Card will be automatically doubled. Up to a maximum of 3,000 lucky points.