Cookie Policy

Last updated: October, 2021

General description of cookies

We use cookies on many of the websites of our corporate group. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your electronic device (e.g. computer, smartphone, game console) when you visit the websites and enable the reassignment of your browser.

For this, we not only use our own cookies (first-party cookies), but also the professional services of third-party providers who use cookies on our websites (third-party cookies). You can find out which third party providers these are and what exactly they do under the section on third-party providers.

We divide cookies into four categories: essential cookies, analytical cookies, marketing cookies and functional cookies. You will find a more detailed description and explanation of these categories and the associated data processing under the item “Description of Categories”.

You will find an overview of the cookies we use (first and third-party cookies) and the duration of storage under the item "Third-Party Providers".

You can generally prevent or stop cookies from being stored using an appropriate setting in your browser software. This may mean that not all of the functions of our websites can be used to their full extent, however.

When you visit our websites, you will receive information on the use and application of cookies via the cookie banner. In this cookie banner, you may specify which cookies you agree to. You may change or revoke your consent here at any time. Your revocation of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing carried out on the basis of your consent up to the time of revocation.

In the event that direct or indirect references are made to external websites, the respective operator of the website is responsible for the legally compliant use of the cookies.

Description of categories

Necessary cookies 

These cookies are absolutely necessary in order to enable the essential functions and security settings on our website. For this purpose, anonymised evaluations are carried out and navigation and visitor settings of user behaviour are stored.

Analytical cookies 

These cookies help us to create statistics and analyses to further optimise our website and its contents. For this purpose we collect anonymised data for statistics and analyses. 

Marketing cookies 

We use marketing cookies to display personalised and interest-based advertising for you. When you visit another website afterward, these cookies can be recognised by your browser. Based on this, selected offers and advertisements can be displayed to you. This procedure is also known as retargeting.

Functional cookies:
Functional cookies and similar technologies enable us to display certain functions of our website (e.g. videos) or to ensure enhanced functionality. This also enables the information provided, such as the username or language selection, to be stored and improved and personalised functions to be offered to the user on the basis of this. These cookies merely collect and store anonymised information.

Third-Party Providers

Below you will find a detailed description of the integrated data services: