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Rooms & Layouts

Beleuchtete Ansicht Casino Baden am Abend

A new, consummate presentation day after day

Our rooms genuine masters of metamorphosis. There's almost nothing that isn't possible! 1,000 and more possibilities for you and your guests....

  • Congresses & conferences
  • Product presentations
  • Gala nights / weddings / celebrations
  • Concerts / cabarets / readings
  • Balls / clubbing events

The rooms: The facts. The figures. The scale.

Festsaal, Galatische, weiße Hussen Stühle


The jewel of the house is the 450 sqm Festsaal. On the ceiling: historic frescoes. In front of the doors: the spacious terrace with a view of the resort park. Together with the foyer (250 sqm), the Festsaal is the ideal location for all events.

Theaterbestuhlung, Licht Pink, Casineum


The 240 sqm Casineum is especially well suited for receptions and social events, cabaret events and congress exhibitions.

The atmosphere - classically elegant.

Badener Saal Schulbestuhlung

Badener Saal

The Badener Saal with its elegant atmosphere provides a wide range of event options.

Excellent congresses, celebrations, exhibitions and dancing is possible on 340 sqm....

Foyer, Stehtische, Festsaal, Glasdecker


The classically elegant foyers on all 3 levels are well suited for a cocktail reception prior to or pleasant break during an event. The 250 sqm foyer of the Festsaal can also be booked exclusively for your event. Together with the Festsaal and adjacent salon, the 3rd level constitutes a separate unit for events of all kinds.

Congress Casino Baden layouts

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Congress Casino Festsaal Gala Weihnachtsfeier Lotterien

Festsaal Gala

Casineum, Gala

Casineum Gala

Festsaal, Theaterbestuhlung, Projektionen

Festsaal Kongress