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Gruppe bei Roulette am Spieltisch

Roulette, the Game of Kings

The fascination of a rolling ball and 37 numbers

Roulette is likely to have originated in China 2000 years ago as a game of religious character which helped predict one’s destiny.

Having arrived in Europe, it provided philosopher Blaise Pasqual with incentives to develop his theory of probability.

Today there are two types of games in existence. The rules are the same for both, but American Roulette is played faster. Here the winning number is indicated with a small metal marker called a “dolly.”

Easy Roulette Bildschirme

Easy Roulette

Reserved for you: your place at the roulette table

Casino Baden has 24 Easy Roulette terminals, each with their own seat at which one can comfortably and conveniently play roulette using a touchscreen. The flair of the live game is not lost, as the terminals are linked to the roulette wheel of the “real” American Roulette tables. The minimum bet for Easy Roulette is just € 1.

Tips for guests with a handicap: the terminals can also be used for guests with a wheelchair or who are walking-disabled.