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Restaurant Jedermanns


Restaurant Jedermanns

Hotel Herzoghof

The ‘Jedermanns’ restaurant is seen as the place to be for food, fine dining and wine. A central aspect of this is the responsible and respectful conduct with our foodstuffs.

We present you with wonderful products – of which we are convinced that they will improve your day due to their quality, energy and uniqueness and will provide extraordinary enjoyment. Our Mediterranean cuisine, combined with some Austrian classics, is based in regional products.

Herzoghof Restaurant Jedermanns
2500 Baden,
Kaiser Franz Ring 10
Tue-Sat 12:00–14:00 & 18:00–21:30
Spargelwoche im Casino Restaurant
Fassade des Hotels Herzoghof in Baden in der Dämmerung
Delikate Weine genießen im Hotel Herzoghof in Baden