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Roulette - The Classic

Simply fascinating

Roulette is probably the most well-known and widespread game of chance. Numerous stories, films and fantasies have developed around this actually simple game – after all, it's only a matter of guessing the number the ball will land on... Being there when the ball starts rolling is as exciting as the game is simple!

Casino TV: Roulette gaming explanation
Doubel Roulette Zwillinge Roulettekessel, Jetons, Sektglas

Double Roulette: small bets and big prizes

Exclusive at Casino Wien

In Roulette everything generally revolves around a ball and a number. In Double Roulette Casinos Austria has managed to make the most popular of all casino games even more exciting – while at the same time dramatically boosting the chances to win: with prizes of as much as 1,200 times the bet.

Gaming Explanation: Double Roulette  © Casinos Austria

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