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Casino Velden Eingang in der Abenddämmerung

A casino at the Wörthersee

Velden am Wörthersee is a delightful vacation spot in the heart of Carinthia, cosmopolitan, with the charm of the countryside and beautiful surroundings.
After enjoying the fresh air, magnificent landscape and perhaps a boat ride on the lake, what could be more tempting than a bit of relaxation in the casino? Exciting games and a fascinating and sophisticated atmosphere

Bottle Aged Cocktails im Casino Wien
Cocktails in der Casino Bar

Schinakl and Switch

The haven vor night owls

On the balmy summer nights across from the casino Schinakl is a popular place to meet for all night owls who then move on to the Switch Bar in the later hours

GIG Bar Club Café Velden

Club Feeling of the Finest

Contemporary lines and design meet beats in the best sound. From watching the lively bustle in Velden's shared space area, it's off to what's probably the most popular club in Carinthia and to GIG's cosy indoor and outdoor bar.