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Glücks Cardby Casino Velden

Glücks Card - simple, fast, free of charge

Appealing, carefully selected benefits await you!

Sweeten up your visit to the casino with a free Glücks Card Cocktail, accept our invitation to a Glücks Card Gourmet Meal, and look forward to a whole lot of other benefits ...

Glücks Card Magnetstreifen

Your Glücks Card (Plus) benefits at the reception

Redeemable in all casinos

1st visit:            We'll give you your very own Glücks Card or Glücks Card Plus!

2nd visit:           Glücks Card Cocktail (also non-alcoholic on request)!

3rd visit:            Glücks Card Gourmet Meal – can be enjoyed from the 4th visit!

5th visit:            Bonus of 5 euro!

7th visit:            Glücks Card Chip – your chance to win a surprise!

10th visit:          Bonus of 10 euro!

15th visit:          Bonus of 15 euro!

20th visit:          Bonus of 20 euro!

The bonuses apply in all 12 casinos each time you buy welcome chips worth 30 euro for 27 euro. You can benefit from this visit bonus programme in all 12 casinos, regardless of whether you have a Glücks Card or Glücks Card Plus. Bonuses do not apply when you buy or redeem discounted packages or special offers (Dinner & Casino, Bar & Casino, etc.).

Gaming Feature

Collect lucky points at the slot machines and then exchange them for culinary delights or welcome chips. You can check your current lucky points balance automatically by sending an email or directly at the casino.


The Glücks Card features a chip, which is used for crediting gaming capital – welcome chips can also be credited at the reception. You can take your credit balance home with you and then back into the casino on your next visit.

Automatensaal Ansicht Teil 2

PIN Code

Enhanced security with the Glücks Card Plus: It is your very own gaming card and secured by a unique PIN. We are able to attribute your card's credit balance if you lose it.

Geburtstagstorte mit Casinojetons

Happy Birthday

Grab yourself a 10 euro bonus and glass of sparkling wine on your birthday.

We'll give you welcome chips worth 30 euro for only 20 euro and surprise you with additional offers by email or mail.

Dinner Thunfisch im Casino Restaurant

Restaurant & Bar

When you buy a bottle of wine in either the casino's restaurant or bar, we'll give you 10% discount upon presentation of your card.

On top of that, special deals are regularly offered in the casino's bar.

Casino on Tour Schokojetons

Casino Collection

Upon presentation of the card, we'll give you 20% discount on any merchandise in our Casino Collection.

Find out more about our range at the reception or cloakroom.

Glücks Card Pot

Daily from 10:00

Win a ticket daily to the final. Final on Sunday 27th November, 22.00.
Every ticket to the Glücks Card Final wins and is worth € 77 (booked came card) on the day of the final.

Prizes: 5 x € 777,- .

Get your Glücks Card directly at the Casino!

Application forms are available in all the establishments of Casinos Austria. Alternatively, complete the application and bring it with you on your next visit! Simply complete and print out the PDF form, hand it in at the reception, and you'll be given your very own Glücks Card (Plus). Our staff will be delighted to answer any questions.

Glücks Card Application Form  © Casinos Austria

Gluecks-Card-Application-Form-01.pdf (63 KB)